I've pulled together a list of all the resources that can be helpful for you. Some are online, others are local practitioners that I use or recommed.

Some links may be affiliate links - if you click on these I may receive a small commission if you purchase.

All resources are either something I have used myself or comes highly recommended from patients/friends/colleagues.

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Luisa Matassi – Massage therapy

Luisa has magic hands! Her massage is something you have to experience. She specialises in neck and shoulder pain – and once you’ve had a massage with her you will be booking the next one as soon as you can!

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Recipes by Sam Wood (IQS Recipes)

If you are looking to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet or cutting out gluten, dairy or other things, it can feel overwhleming to know what you can still eat.

These recipes come from the I Quit Sugar site and have a great range of options.

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Whole Human Yoga Class with Wendy

I love this yoga class, run by my good friend Wendy Shooter. It’s currently running online.

It’s good for everyone even if you are a beginner and new to yoga. Lots of breathing and stretching through the class. Doing this on a Monday afternoon sets me up for the week.

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The Breathing App

I came across this simple app that helps you with calming relaxing breathing techniques.

The website has all the details and background and you can find the links for the apps below.

Apple (iOS):


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Plan to Eat

I’ve been using this app for nearly 5 years.
You can save recipes from the web, or add your own in manually.
Then plan your week. It generate a shopping list and even lets you add a collection to the freezer.

Really helpful for when you feel overwhelmed about what to eat.

If you sign up let me know and I’ll share my recipe collection with you!

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Meditainment Guided Meditations

I came across these guided meditations many years ago when I needed something to help manage painmanage pain and stress. My favourites are the Secret Garden and the Falling Asleep.

It’s free to register and you get aceess to a new meditation every month.

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Balance App – menopause support

This app helps you track your peri-menopause and menopause symptoms.
It includes lots of helpful resources and articles.

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Maxine – Myofascial Physio

Maxine has a wealth of experience and is a well trusted physio if you need some additional support.

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