Online Guided Acupressure Session

We're moving online!

I'm offering all my clients this virtual service, whether you are self-isolating or need to be at home in order to look after yourself and your family.

In this session we'll connect over a video link so that we can see and hear each other.

  • We'll check in about how you are feeling - physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Then we'll walk through a simple, quiet calming meditation to help you feel grounded and balance your energy.
  • I'll show you how to find the pressure points on yourself and walk through a simple, self-massage routine.
You'll finish the session feeling calm and relaxed and ready to face the world (just the same as you do after acupuncture!)
How do I book?

Book your appointment using the calendar below or you can email, call or text me on 07 910 468 850 to work out a time.

You can choose a time that works for you including days, evenings and weekends

You'll receive confirmation of the appointment and more details via email with everything that you need to know.

How much will it cost?

Sessions are £35 for 30 mins. 

Or you can pre-pay and book for a course of sessions (for you or to pass on to friends or family) £140 for 5 x 30 minute sessions.

If you'd like to do this - just let me know in the notes when booking.

If this is a stretch for you financially, please get in touch to discuss options.

How do I pay?

You will have the option to pay online (securely via Stripe) when you book your appointment.

Or if you prefer you can choose to pay later, I'll send you over an invoice with my bank details so that you can transfer the money directly.


What do I need to do during the session?

You'll get all the details in an email once you've booked.

You can also see all the details about how we'll connect and what you need to do to prepare for your session. Click here to find out more

Once you've booked your session you can see all the details on how we'll connect over on this page: