Combining acupuncture & massage with a focus on women's health. Acupuncture can help with many modern day ailments. Many people find acupuncture to be a wonderful support, giving them balance in their busy, stressful lives.


Stress can effect the body in many different ways from digestive issues, to anxiety, sleep, pain  and many others symptoms.
Many people find that the holistic nature of acupuncture really helps to bring balance and vitality back to their day to day lives and back to feeling great.


Women's Health

Specialising in women's health - helping support you through the various transitions of life.

Many people find acupuncture helps with hormonal balance and many of the symptoms that leave us feeling less than vibrant and healthy

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Many people come to acupuncture after hearing from friends and family how it has helped relieve their pain.

From acute injuries to chronic pain, acupuncture and massage are a great way to help to help manage and reduce your pain.

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About Stacey

My first experience of acupuncture was in Australia in my teenage years after loosing my voice. I remember watching with amazement as the doctor painlessly inserted needles into the back of my hands. The next day, the peace and quiet was over and my voice was back.

In my 20s I found myself ready for a change and took the steps to head to London for a year or two. Back then I was working in IT and found a job in the city for a bank. Life was good for a while, travelling and meeting lots of people, working and enjoying the good times that London brings. But my body was telling me a different story