Acupuncture Prices

Treatments can include a combination of Massage & Acupuncture, depending on your needs.

I will usually suggest a course of treatment to see the best benefits from acupuncture.

How many treatments you need, will depend - it really does differ from person to person. I suggest weekly treatments for 5-6 weeks to get started and see how acupuncture works for you.

Stacey Chapman Acupuncturist, consulting with patient

New patients can choose to book either an Online Consultation (with flexibility of appointments throughout the day) or an In Person Consultation and Treatment (90-120mins) then we'll continue with Follow up Acupuncture appointments.

If you prefer for the Initial Consultation to be in person please be aware that there will be a longer waiting time to book as they can be more difficult to schedule for evenings/weekends.

Prices from 1st February 2023

Initial Online Consultation (30-45mins)£15
Initial Appointment - In Person Consultation & Treatment (60-90 mins)£95 Special Offer £80
Follow Up Acupuncture (60mins)£65
Follow Up Acupuncture (75 mins)£75
Follow Up Acupuncture (90 mins)£90
Follow up Acupuncture (45 mins)£58
Follow Up Acupuncture (30 mins) (Only with prior arrangement with Stacey)£48
Follow Up Acupuncture for 2 - Bring a Friend or Family Member
You will need to both have had an initial consultation first
Treatments are done in separate rooms. (60-75 mins)
£110 (£55 each)
Out of Hours Treatments (after 7pm or Sundays)£70
Pregnancy Massage (60mins)£75
Holistic/Acupressure Massage (60mins)£75
Online Guided Acupressure Sessions£45
Fertility Coaching Initial Appointment (90mins)£90
Follow Up Coaching Sessions£75
Combination Coaching & Acupuncture (90 mins)£90
Home visits
There may be additional travel costs depending on where you are located
£120-£160 depending on location