Acupuncture Prices

Treatments can include a combination of Massage & Acupuncture, depending on your needs.

I will usually suggest a course of treatment to see the best benefits from acupuncture.

How many treatments you need, will depend - it really does differ from person to person. I suggest weekly treatments for 5-6 weeks to get started and see how acupuncture works for you.

Initial Online Consultation (30-45mins)£25
Initial Appointment - Consultation & Treatment (up to 90 mins)£85
Follow Up Acupuncture (60mins)£60
Out of Hours Treatments (after 7pm or Sundays)£70
Pregnancy Massage (60mins)£65
Online Guided Acupressure Sessions£35
Fertility Coaching Initial Appointment (90mins)£90
Follow Up Coaching Sessions£75
Combination Coaching & Acupuncture (90 mins)£90
Home visits
There may be additional travel costs depending on where you are located
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