My water challenge

My Challenge: Drinking more water

One of the patterns that we often see in Chinese Medicine is something known as Yin Deficiency. The symptoms of Yin Deficiency are varied, but the one that I’m currently experiencing is waking up in the night really thirsty.

The night is our Yin time, Yin is also all about moisture and nourishment, so when there is a deficiency thirst like this is one of the symptoms that we can see.

So what can I do about it? There are a number of acupuncture points that are known to tonify and nourish Yin in the body. So an acupuncture treatment is definitely on the list. But there are also other things that I can also do.

One key thing is to make sure I am drinking enough fluids.

So my challenge at the moment is to make sure I am drinking enough water. I find I get to the end of the day and realise that I haven’t had enough to drink at all. So for the rest of the month my aim is to consciously drink more water. Between appointments with you my lovely clients, and carrying a water bottle with me so that I get back into the habit of drinking through the day, rather than saving it all to the evening.

There are other things that I can do, including adding some foods to my diet that are moistening and known to nourish Yin and I’ll do that too. But for now it’s time to keep it simple and make sure I am drinking enough.

What about you? Is there a small change that you can make to your daily habits that will help with your symptoms? It doesn’t always have to be big changes to make a big difference.

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