Tips on acupuncture to help you sleep

Poor sleep impacts on a range of health issues from obesity, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, hormone regulation, poor memory, anxiety and generally stress and inflammation in the body.

Many people find that coming for acupuncture helps them sleep better – even if sleep is not the main reason for having acupuncture.

There are a number of different patterns that we will look at when you come for acupuncture to help with insomnia and sleep. As part of the consultation we’ll look at what is out of balance and develop a treatment plan based on your particular combination of symptoms.

Some of the things that we’ll look at include whether you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. If you wake through the night, is it the same time every night or does this vary? Do you experience palpitations, dizziness or anxiety? Do you feel hot and restless?

We’ll also look at your diet and routine and often add some tailored recommendations of things to include (or to stop) which can also balance the patterns of disharmony.

Tips for a good night sleep:

  • Reduce the use of screens including tablets, mobile phones and even your television. If you can’t break this habit then make sure you switch on “blue light” mode (or download an app that does this) which is said to help to change the colours in the screen that are said to impact on the melatonin production in the body
  • Avoid eating before bed. As our days get busier we often find ourselves eating later in the day and then heading straight to bed. Sleep is a time for rest and repair and if your digestive system is busy working the body is losing out on valuable restorative time. Eating late at night also has a link to obesity and sleep is often more disrupted or fragmented.
  • Pillows – how long since you’ve replaced your pillows? Although it can be difficult to find the pillow that is just right for you – investing in a good quality pillow can make a world of difference. If you normally sleep on two or more pillows investing in a single good quality pillow that supports your neck and alignment can make a big difference to the quality of your sleep
  • Empty your mind – often people with difficulty sleeping find that they are laying there over thinking or worrying about the day that’s just happened or thinking about the future. Try taking 10 mins before you go to sleep to write in a notebook or journal everything on your mind. Do it in free flowing style – whatever comes to mind (you don’t ever need to read it back) and empty all the worries out on paper. Although it can take a while to get into the habit – this simple technique often helps you drift off faster.

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