Important Clinic Update March 22nd 2020 - COVID 19


Unfortunately, due to the current situation and advice from the British Acupuncture Council I will be postponing all acupuncture and massage appointments and closing the clinic until it is safe for us all to be in person again.

If you have an appointment booked - I'll be in touch with you individually to let you know.

If you would like some support through this time I am now offering online Guided Acupressure Sessions over Zoom. You can find out more and book your call online here

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Wake up the Eyes

My friend Laura ( is back with another video – showing you this quick exercise to help wake up the eyes.

This exercise was taught in schools and in factories and offices in China as part of the daily wake up routine before the start of the working day.

  1. Place the thumbs on the temples and the knuckles of the index fingers on BL1 * acupuncture point.
  2. Wipe in a semi circle under the eye with the knuckles of the index fingers towards the temple.
  3. Return the knuckles to BL1 and wipe again this time a bit lower.
  4. Repeat this time along the bone or orbit under the eye.
  5. Return the knuckles to BL1 and wipe over the eyebrows.
  6. Repeat in a line half way up the forehead.
  7. Repeat along the hairline.

BL 1 is in a small depression just in the corner of your eyes.