What causes my symptoms?

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I think it’s human nature to look for a reason behind, and a label for, any symptoms that we have.

It’s also part of the way that we have been brought up with the western medical system and getting a specific diagnosis from your doctor.

I often have patients looking for an explanation for why they are feeling so bad. What caused it? What should I have done differently to prevent it?

Let me say one thing first, as an acupuncturist, I’m not qualified to diagnose your illness, nor would I try to. That’s where your GP comes in and it’s important to see them to rule out any major issues or disease.

What I do instead is to look at some of the possible reasons that may lead to your pattern of disharmony.

I do this as part of taking a full consultation looking at all aspects of your health and lifestyle at your first appointment. I also learn from your response to the treatment. What symptoms changed? How did you feel afterwards? Anything else that you hadn’t noticed previously. Together these things all piece together the puzzle.

In Chinese medicine we do consider a number of things that can be the cause of disharmony including:

  • your emotions
  • your environment
  • your lifestyle
  • heredity factors

In upcoming posts I’ll go into these areas in a little more detail.

Often what you’ll find is that there is no one cause of your symptoms. Rather it is many little things that lead to your body being out of balance.

In turn, it can be a combination of things that help get you fit and well: acupuncture and massage sessions, changing your diet, doing some more exercise, taking time to relax. All of these can together help bring back balance and wellness in your life.

Good news is that we cover all these things as part of your treatment plan, looking at all the areas of your life and sometimes just making small changes that stick is all that’s needed.

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