Connecting for our Online Guided Acupressure Session

I've included some questions below - click on each one to see more information. If you have any questions that I haven't covered you can email or text me on 07 910 468 850 and I'll let you know (then update this page so that it has all the info you need.

How will we connect?

How will we Connect?

We'll be using a tool called Zoom. You may have used it before, but if not I've included some info and tips here to help you.

You can use Zoom for free on your computer, tablet or phone (both Apple and Android)

You can download the software ahead of the time that we have booked (or when you click on the link in the invitation it will prompt you to download and connect)

Here are the links for the different downloads if you want to do it ahead of time.

How to install Zoom on your Computer

Installing Zoom on Your Computer

You'll get prompted to Open Zoom Meetings


Make sure you select the option Join with Computer Audio - otherwise I won't be able to hear you


Getting stuck on Downloading on your Computer - watch this video to see me do it in real time (including waiting for the bar to get to 100%)

How to Install Zoom on your Phone

Installing Zoom on Your Phone

You'll get prompted to Install the Zoom App (I have an Android phone - but it will be similar on your iPhone)


Screenshot_20200320-205834_Chrome (1)

Make sure to select the option Call via Device Audio otherwise I won't be able to hear you

Screenshot_20200320-205400_Zoom (1)
What do I need to do before the session?

It's a good idea to set aside some space where you can be uninterrupted for the time of our session. 

Wear comfortable loose clothing so that we can easily access your arms and legs

But don't worry about what you look like ! Come as you are and PJs are also welcome!

Wash your hands before starting the session - especially if you've come in to the house from outside.

What do I wear for the session?

It's great to have loose clothing so that we can get to your arms and legs  where a lot of the acupressure points are located.

If PJs work - then that's also fine!

What do I need to do after the session?

We'll be talking for around 30 minutes. But if possible it would be good to have some time after the session so that you can rest and relax for a little bit longer.

Drink some water and if you can relax. But don't worry if this isn't possible - it will all still help to keep you balanced.